Hard-working, hard-headed Justin Cooper just wants to keep his head down and focus on the job.

His spirited, sassy co-contractor slides into his heart, but also thinks she can boss him around.

Both have pieces of their lives they aren’t willing to share, and sparks fly as they restore a Victorian mansion. Can love conquer the clashes between them and the secrets each is keeping?

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Corporate lawyer Mitchell Blake believes everyone has a hidden agenda, and his only relief is in his grandfather’s small hometown.

Ree longs to escape McCormick’s Creek and travel the world, but she’s stuck helping with her injured mother’s flower shop.

When Ree lands an extra job at the almost-finished McCormick Inn, her oh-so-handsome boss is an added bonus—until she discovers that Mitch is the same type of nasty lawyer that ruined her family. And Mitch wonders if Ree is too good to be true. 

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Cliff Jackson’s world fell apart when his father died and the ranch went to auction. He’s trying to get his head straight while working on his uncle’s ranch. Then Robin Cooper enters his life with her smile, her compassion, and her magic around dogs. Could there be room for her alongside his grief and uncertain future?

Robin gathers her courage to start a local animal shelter. She’ll need funding, council approval and, mostly, Cliff’s support. But when the ranch has problems, Cliff is torn between helping his uncle and keeping his promises to Robin. 

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