Love, Hope and Happy Endings:

Sweet Romance from Jen Peters

My poor, broken website is showing a bit of improvement. The Books page has books on it! And they’re clickable–either for Book Details or Buy (which takes you to Amazon).

I thought I had found a theme and some plug-ins I could work with, but not so.  They’re still what you’re seeing here, but I’ve bought a new one and haven’t explored it yet. Because I’ve been busy.

With what, you ask?

With writing! Cherished by the Rancher and Resisting the Rancher are both available on Amazon now, and I really like how they turned out. I hope you do, too. Romancing the Vet is Health Care Heroes novella set on Black Rock Ranch, and one of the brothers plays a big role in it. It will eventually be re-named and become #2.5 of the Black Rock Ranch romances. And Micah’s story, Falling for the Rancher, is swirling in my head and up for preorder.

Also, there’s a brand new Black Rock Ranch novella for you…for FREE!  It’s a prequel, and you can check it out at Prolific Works here.  And, oh, did I mention it’s free?

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